Research Cost Mitigation Fund Archive

Updated May 2023

A matching fund of $3 million has been created to help mitigate the unanticipated increase in costs on grants and contracts related to Graduate Student Researcher, Postdoctoral Scholar, and Academic Researcher employment. This initial allocation will be available in fiscal years 2022-23 and 2023-24. Funding levels in future years will depend on information and priorities determined through fiscal year 2023-24 and the availability of resources. The goal is also to continue to provide support for awards that may be active for multiple years but were budgeted prior to any knowledge about the revised rates impacting Graduate Student Researcher, Postdoctoral Scholar, and Academic Researcher compensation rates.

Principle Investigators (PIs) should do as much as possible to address the cost increases through rebudgeting of the existing grant/contract resources in accordance with applicable policies, regulations, and guidelines. After rebudgeting, if a deficit is projected, a funding request can be submitted. Campus resources are available as a 1:1 match to PI and unit contributions.

Initial eligibility is determined based on the date the proposal budget was submitted to the agency:

Request Process and Deadlines

After routing for approval through the respective dean’s office or research unit director (research units should also route through the vice chancellor for research), requests should be submitted to the Budget Office ( for consideration. Reviews will be conducted quarterly after the following deadlines (allow 30 days for review):

calendar Q1 icon calendar Q2 icon calendar Q3 icon calendar Q4 icon
June 1 September 1 December 1 March 1
Note: The Budget Office recommends that requests be submitted 1-2 months prior to any actual deficit to allow time for review, funding transfer if approved, and appropriate updates to funding.

A complete request will include the following materials:

step 1 icon Completed request form .
step 2 icon Supporting documents:
  1. Approved award budget.
  2. PI report (or similar report with projections through the end of the budget cycle of the award) showing a projected overall award deficit that will be realized in the current fiscal year.
Optional - the administering unit can bundle requests from multiple PIs and awards. If bundled, in lieu of signing each request template, a cover memo from the dean or vice chancellor for research can be provided with a summary of the amount requested and the source(s) of matching funds.