Allowable Costs for Development of Course Materials and Services Fees

Costs that can be included in the development of the CMSF are described below:

Departments must apply a test of reasonableness for the fee and its purpose. Refer to the Overview of the Course Materials and Services Fees and the Course Materials and Services Fee policy for additional information.

Costs for Course Materials and Services Fees (CMSF) may include:

The cost of providing course materials to be consumed, retained or used by the student. Materials and supplies may include, but are not limited to, such items as chemicals, solutions, gloves, filters, biological specimens, artists’ media, glassware, photographic chemicals, and other one-time use items.

The special costs associated with use of university-owned tools, musical instruments, or other equipment.
The cost of other materials or services necessary to provide a special supplemental educational experience of direct benefit to the student, such as travel costs for archeological digs, or the cost of film rentals.
CMSF may be charged to fund compensation for temporary faculty needed to provide enhanced, highly specialized instruction such as individual music instruction.

Costs for CMSF may not include those relating to the provision of facilities or services required for the general operation of the institution, such as:

Salaries and wages and related employee benefits for support personnel, except where faculty or staff are assisting in providing enhanced, highly specialized authorized instruction as detailed in the CMSF policy and/or technology services and support for course websites and course management systems.

Allowances for maintenance, depreciation and replacement of instructional equipment located or utilized in the classrooms and laboratories.
Reproduction of copyrighted materials.
Course syllabi.

Fee Assessment

  • A CMSF shall be assessed only to those students who are enrolled in the applicable course.
  • The fee may be collected only through the campus cashier system.
  • CMSF costs are covered under the “books and supplies” allowance in student aid budgets.