Town Hall

Updated April 17, 2024

Update on Budget Framework Town Hall | April 11, 2024

Since last fall, the Budget Office and campus budget workgroup have been diligently assessing various models to optimize the allocation of UC Irvine's core funds, which constitute approximately 25% of the campus’ overall budget. During the recent town hall meeting, key details were shared about the mission-based budget framework, which aims to align resources with UC Irvine's strategic goals and mission, enhance transparency and accountability in financial management, and improve resource planning to support core functions and infrastructure. This comprehensive framework is set to be gradually introduced over the next few years, with the initial focus on academic units. Chancellor Howard Gillman provided opening and closing remarks at the town hall. Provost Hal Stern and CFO & Vice Chancellor Mary Lou Ortiz presented the mission-based budget model framework and served as panelists for the Q&A section. A PowerPoint presentation and a recording of the event are available. Additional inquiries or feedback can be emailed to or sent anonymously.